Riders Republic: How to Get Elite Bikes Fast

Elite bikes are among the most difficult items to obtain in Riders Republic. In this guide, we'll go over some of the fastest ways to unlock elite race bikes.

You will be able to unlock elite bikes from level 40 in bike-related careers. However, Riders Republic has not made it easy to get elite bikes. This is because these are RNG-based rewards that are not guaranteed to drop to a specific level. So the fastest way to get them would be to simply level up and earn XP as quickly as possible.

To unlock elite bikes, we have selected the best bike events to improve bike-related careers quickly and efficiently. The careers you'll want to upgrade to are Bike Races and Bike Tricks, as each offers different sets of elite bike rewards.

How to Level Up and Unlock Elite Bikes Quickly

Bike racing events

For your bike racing career, you'll want to run the Burnt Rubber event over the Colorado River. It's one of the shortest and easiest events in the game, making it a great way to earn XP. Also, be sure to play on Elite difficulty to benefit from the XP bonus.

The Welcome to Riders event also works wonders if you want to switch things up a bit. Farming these events, while somewhat tedious, will help you improve your bike racing career and unlock those elite racing bikes quickly.

Bike Tricks Events

On the other hand, unlocking elite tricks bikes means you will also need to level up your Bike Tricks career. The perfect place to do this is the Bangers and Crash event as it is extremely short and simple.

Completing this event on elite difficulty can earn you up to 3200 XP every two minutes. Bangers and Crash can be found on the far left of the map, near the Derailed Playground. Another solid choice would be the Family Feud event over the Colorado River.

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