Search Ice Stores, Winterfest, Day 13

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Every day for two weeks, Fortnite fans will have to complete a series of challenges linked to the limited-time Winterfest event. The thirteenth will ask you to search for ice reserves. To celebrate the holiday season, Epic Games has set up the series of challenges winter party, asking you, each day, to complete various and varied missions in order to reap even more rewards. For this thirteenth day, the players will have to seek, and rummage, ice reserves.

Where are the ice reserves located?

Before starting, we remind you that these will give you various objects, and that searching them will not be useless. Once inside the Battle Bus, you will only have to look for one of the locations below, indicating where some of these reserves are located.

The challenge asks you to search two, but we've listed slightly more on our map for you to choose from. Know that there are more, and that you may come across one ice reserve which is not listed below.

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