Solar Ash: How to Unlock the Verse Costume

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Mobility is central to Solar Ash's gameplay, making the Verse Suit a must-have for moving quickly. The suit reduces Rei's dash cooldown by a significant margin, giving you nearly double the uptime to boost around levels.

This Solar Ash guide will show you all of the Voidrunner Caches you'll need to unlock the Verse suit.

Ironwood Basin: How to get the Verse in Sunshine Cinder costume

The platform in the basin is a bit more complex than the Shattered Capital we look at in our Erving suits guide, and the later suits are even more difficult to acquire. Here's everything you need to know about Verse's costume.

Worm Costume Cache 1

You'll see the first Voidrunner cache to the top and right of the first checkpoint.

To reach it, skate on the clouds just beyond the initial platform, avoiding the stairs on the left. Keep right along the cliff, avoid the mine that's in your way, then turn around and follow the plasma track to a jump ramp.

The cache is just across the chasm.

Verse Suit Cache 2

Return to the original checkpoint, then take the stairs to the left. Follow the platforms path through the trees.

You will soon come to a large pantheon. Keep left behind the building.

The cache rests quietly in the shade.

Verse 3 Costume Cache

Cross the bridge from the pantheon to reach Cyd. Climb the stairs to his left and follow the path through the clouds and more stairs.

Once past the checkpoint, head into the clouds to the right of the grapple point and follow the cliff all the way around, keeping to the left the whole way.

You will come across a minefield under the eye gate. Avoid it as best you can or activate them all for safe passage from the platforms to the cache.

Verse 4 Costume Cache

From the Eye Gate cache, keep following the cliff to your left, heading towards the ruins on the far right of the area.

Stay on the clouds and continue left until you can see the Voidrunner symbol near other mines.

Avoid them and descend along the clouds until you find the cache in a cave under the ruins.

Verse 5 Costume Cache

The final cache lives on the tentacle monster covered ruin. Fight your way through the minefield to the climbing mud.

When you reach the opening under the monster's head, look left to see a Voidrunner symbol.

Follow the cliff to see the last suit cache and Verse's resting place.

And that's where you'll find all the caches to unlock the Verse costume in Solar Ash. For more tips and tricks, consider heading over to our Solar Ash guides hub, where we walk you through how to unlock more suits and explain how to get all the endings in the game.

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