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Our Heartstone Spell Druid Deck List guide takes a look at this brand new archetype from the Ashes of Outland expansion! We looked at the best list for the game as well as mulligans, strategy and game combinations, and card replacements!

Mage isn't the only class that has an incentive not to run minions in a deck! Druid also got cards in Ashes of Outland that encourage you to fill your deck with spells. This is a fairly new archetype for the class, but not completely unfamiliar to it. Malygos and Miracle Druid had similar aspects, with the deck mostly performing spells and only a few minions. That will be the problem with this archetype, how many minions do you need to run? Well, we haven't got it all figured out yet, but we'll be sure to keep updating this guide with more powerful versions in the future.

List of druid decks

We have a preview of this game with a version by Brian Kibler! We'll update this list with more refined lists as the meta begins to take shape.

Druid Neutral
2x - Innerve 1x – Kael'thas Sunstrider
2x – Worthy Expedition 1x – King Phaoris
2x – Crystalsong Portal
2x – Fungal Fortunes
2x – Anger
1x – Archspore Msshi'fn
2x – BEEEES !!!
2x – Bogbeam
2x – Wild Growth
2x – Proliferation
2x – Slip
2x – Glowfly Swarm
2x – Overflow
1x – Forest Aid
1x – Ysera, Unleashed
1x – Ysiel Singer

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Spell Druid Mulligan Guide

always keep

  • Fungal Fortunes – A solid card and one of the reasons to try this style of deck, however, we have a few minions in the roster so we can hit something we don't want. Best used in the early game when there are more cards in the deck and less chance of burning something.
  • Crystalsong Portal – Hopefully we won't have any minions in our hand, so we get the full trigger for this card.
  • Wild Growth – This card is much worse after the nerf, but it still holds up in the game currently. We need to increase our mana pool as quickly as possible because we have cards that improve a lot when we have more mana.

Possible guards

  • Glowfly Swarm – gives us a big board to fight incoming minions, especially if we have quite a few spells in our hand. It's on the slow side so I would only keep it with Wild Growth because you can skip the fourth round.
  • Archspore Msshi'fn - Solid stats and he has taunts that can stop some aggression. We also want to put the Prime card in our deck as soon as possible to give us a chance to draw it. Don't save this if you have the Crystalsong Portal in your hand.
  • Overgrowth - If you have anything else to play between rounds 1-4, you can keep Overgrowth. It's a huge mana boost that shouldn't be overlooked, but it's also very slow and could get us beat by aggro. It's also troublesome when paired with wild growth, as we'll likely be floating mana if we skip turn four.

Spell Druid Tips & Play Strategy

This deck, while largely spell-based, is really a token deck in disguise. You have a lot of cards that spawn multiple minions on the board, so we'll be playing around quite often. This game also currently contains some fairly powerful high-end cards that we strive to access through our ramp options.

At the start of the game, we are mainly looking to protect our face from too much damage and increase our mana pool. We can also hope to gather additional resources by getting a big draw from Fungal Fortunes. We have removal tools, things like Wrath, Beees!!!, and the new Bogbeam can handle threats. We're hoping to trigger that 0-mana part of Bogbeam, but you won't always have that luxury.

We should start switching things up in the middle of the game, due to cards like Glowfly Swarm which should set us up with a pretty powerful board. We can also follow this later with The Forest's Aid. Overflow also acts as a way to heal and get plenty of resources to work with if we had to spend a lot to keep the board clear.

Archspore Msshi'fn is the primary druid card and also works as a very good early game minion. The main card is a 10/9 mana 9/9 with Taunt which has a choice that reads, "Summon a 9/9 Fungal Giant with Taunt; or Rush." It's a pretty powerful late game trick that gives us protection or the ability to remove something problematic. Remember, once this goes into your deck, you'll need to be careful with Fungal Fortunes as you could easily throw this minion with it!

The endgame is where we can do some really crazy things! Kael'thas Sunstrider can give us a bit of a swing, and pairs really well with Innervate and The Coin if you can swing it. This third spell can then be an overrun or forest aid hitting all on the same turn.

Ysera, Unleashed can be pretty crazy in this game due to our ability to draw meaningfully through Fungal Fortunes and Overflow. A 10 turn with a Ysiel Windsinger can also lead to great possibilities.

Our final endgame swing comes in the form of King Phaoris. Due to our ability to draw a number of cards and the fact that our deck has high cost spells, we can really create a devastating board via this card!

Spell Druid Card Options & Replacements

  • Ironbark – We obviously don't have a lot of minions, but we do produce quite a few through spells. It's possible that this card will find a home in this deck in order to get better trades or protect our face. We should also be able to trigger the 0 mana part of the card quite easily with our ramp abilities.
  • Power of the Wild – Very versatile card that can improve our chips or get us a minion when we have to fight for the board.
  • Garden Gnome – Perhaps something worth considering as we should have high cost spells in hand quite often. We obviously want to avoid adding minions to our deck as much as possible.
  • Defender of Anubisath – Another minion that might be worth playing as we'll probably be able to get him onboard for 0 mana quite frequently.
  • Soul of the Forest – We should land a few tokens on the deck, which will make our board strong against AOE.
  • Force of Nature – A spell that gives us a board, it fits well into this deck, so it might be worth playing.
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