Spider-Man: Miles Morales - Where is Peter Parker?

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Who's ready to wear the shoes of new Spider-Man hero Miles Morales? Well, now you can, because Spider-Man: Miles Morales is finally available for gamers to use the web on PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5! Although gamers are undoubtedly wondering where is Peter? This new game focuses entirely on Miles Morales, as we see him take on this new role with serious dedication and new skills! This will contain mild spoilers for those who want to play Spider-Man: Miles Morales blindfolded, but nothing that will spoil your time with the game!

Spider-Man Miles Morales Where is Peter Parker?

Peter Parker is in Spider-Man: Miles Morales but only at the start of the game. When he trains new hero Miles Morales to become his own version of the superhero. After Miles takes an oath to protect the city from all threats, Peter suddenly tells him that he and MJ are leaving for a while so MJ can attend the Symkarian peace talks, and Peter is his official photographer.

Peter Parker practically drags Miles Morales through the trial of fire; However, suddenly leaving the new hero behind to protect the city must mean that Peter Parker has high hopes and is convinced that Miles Morales has the ability to do the job just fine. He must become his own hero, not by following in his footsteps.

Sure, Peter makes cameos in the holographic training segments, and there's a weird phone call between the two that happens occasionally, especially when things start to get interesting. Yet other than that, it's entirely up to Miles Morales to save New York City from any threat! Peter returns, but not before the end of the game!

Miles Morales is definitely missing his Spider-Verse costume, so here's how to unlock his iconic Into the Spider-Verse costume! Not sure how to use Miles Morales' new cloaking ability or how to turn off podcasts? We have what you need!

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