Teardown news release date and additional game details!

Teardown is a new game from the two-person team at Tuxedo Labs. Developed over the past two years, the game is about to be released. After getting its focus at Gamescom today, the game is gaining more popularity than ever. Featuring an exciting new custom game engine, Teardown's gameplay seeks to combine heist-style missions with Minecraft-level environment customization. The developers had a specific vision in mind when they decided to make the game, and creating their own engine was the only way to achieve it. Teardown uses a physics-based engine that uses ray tracing for lighting, but doesn't require an RTX graphics card! The engine also results in the destruction of the core gameplay mechanism. Everything in Teardown is fully destructible and interactive with the rest of the environment.

If you're wondering about Teardown's release date, unfortunately it hasn't been set yet, but the developer has confirmed that the game will arrive sometime in 2020! As long as we're still waiting, it's usually always better for developers to take their time with a project.

Gameplay de Teardown

Teardown's gameplay forces players to plan the perfect heist while mastering the fully destructible and incredibly detailed game world. You can smash vehicles into walls, turn windows into doors, or find exciting new ways to use a fire extinguisher. The game works by first letting players take their time exploring the environment and setting up a path for their escape. Teardown gameplay is all about punching holes in roofs or creating bridges between windows using two-by-fours – anything is possible! Once ready, players will pick up their first target and an alarm will go off. Players will then have to follow their path perfectly if they want to acquire all the targets before the security gets there.

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As for further details, there is unfortunately little information to go on. There will be several types of heists, and the developers have publicly stated that they are considering allowing modding and level editing so players can have full control over the sandbox environment.

In terms of what Teardown will cost, pricing information has yet to be revealed. Considering it seems like a bit more of an indie project, you can generally expect the price to be pretty reasonable! We wouldn't expect AAA prices on a game like this.

Heist Map Overview

Teardown Beta News and Potential

Teardown looks amazing, and after today, the community around it is growing at a rapid pace. Already, fans have emerged asking when they can get their hands on a beta. When asked about the Teardown beta, the developer had this to say:

"No, not yet. The game is still in development and there is no public version available."

While this isn't the best news right now, it does offer some insight into how it looks like the developer has been thinking about beta testing. In the trailer, the developer mentions that Teardown already has a Steam page, so maybe Steam Early Access or maybe even Xbox Game Preview. Unfortunately, Teardown isn't coming to Xbox or any other console at this time. Perhaps with the further growth of the community, the demand for a console port will be great enough to generate one.

The game's stunning graphics, combined with the complexity of its unique engine, seems like the perfect recipe for success. Teardown's minimal website has already crashed today moments after a new trailer was uploaded. If the developers manage to create mod support or some sort of level editor, this game could easily explode into one of the next big things. Stay tuned to Pro Game Guides for all new Teardown information!

Watch the Teardown Trailer

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