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A Faerie's Dream takes the lawyers of Stellis on a relaxing dream-making scrapbook-like experience, while welcoming returning players with return codes that reward both giving and receiving. The event runs from December 28, 2021 through January 25, 2021 and runs in conjunction with the New Beginnings cumulative login event.

A fairy dream game mechanic

Collect materials

All players can exchange the event currency (Delicious Acorns) for various items in the Exchange Shop. Each item in the shop counts as a material, and collecting certain amounts will earn various rewards, including S-chips and limited tears. These limited tears can be used in the next event called A Love Poem to Skadi.

Access the store via the event menu in the left corner of the screen. Click the arrows on the left and right to switch between material categories. Meanwhile, stage rewards can be accessed from the Collection Rewards section on the same page.

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Delicious acorns from the farm

You need to grow delicious acorns to trade materials. These can be obtained from various game modes, including Anomaly, Personal Story, and Study Levels. However, the Trials of Themis, Temple of Trials, and Fieldwork stages are excluded from this event. Spending x5 AP in any of the valid debates will net you x1 Delicious Acorn. You can also get x20 Delicious Acorn once a day for free by clicking on the raccoon in the event page.

Create dreams and share

From the same event page, click on the storybook to access the Create Dreams menu and click Start Creation at the bottom right of the page. You can decorate up to three models and share them with your friends. These won't give you rewards but are fun to do!

Also, share the event once on FaceBook or Twitter by clicking the share button on the top right corner of the event page. This will reward you with a limited tear.

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Returning Player Mechanics

All players will all receive an Invite Friends code which can be found on the main event page. Sharing this code with returning players who meet the requirements will grant you a limited tear per successful instance. You can get a maximum of three limited tears this way!

Player Return Criteria

Players are considered revenants if they meet the following conditions:

  • Have an account created before December 12, 2021 23:59 (UTC+9)
  • Haven't logged into the game for 15 days or more
  • Completed main story 1-13
  • Must be account level 10 or higher
  • Have not activated any return tasks for 10 days or more

All eligible players will have a redemption code section on their main event page, where they can grab a code from any existing player. They will receive x2 Limited Tear, x20 Stellin, and x000 Oracle of Justice III. After which, they can also share their Invite Friends code to get the three limited tears when they successfully entice other eligible returns to come back.

New Beginnings Login Event

The New Beginnings Login Event runs in conjunction with A Faerie's Dream. You will need to accumulate 10 connections to get up to 10 limited tears and other rewards! Access this event via the rotating announcement banner at the top right of the screen. You must manually claim the rewards each day or you will not receive them.

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