TFT Set 4 Fates will arrive in patch 10.19!

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If you've been looking forward to a jolt in Teamfight Tactics, you won't have much to wait for. Looks like Set 4, which is called Fates, is going to be added to the game in patch 10.19! This will bring a whole bunch of new champions, items, Little Legends, and everything else to the game. Now will be a great time to come back if you've been on a break lately.

Patch 10.19 for TFT is currently scheduled for September 16, 2020. So if all goes well, we'll have this new set of heroes and everything else in the middle of next month. There is always a risk of delays, so let's hope everything goes well during development.

From the full Tweet about the new update, it looks like there will be dragons, magic, spirits, and storms that we will have to face in our battles.

We are excited to bring you the next set of TFT – Teamfight Tactics: Fates!

Here is a small taste of what awaits you:

? Dragons
? Magic
? Spirits
?️ Storms

The adventure begins with patch 10.19! Read the full ad?

— Teamfight Tactics (@TFT) August 20, 2020

This update will include a variety of new features:

  • Fates Pass and Fates Pass+ (free and paid Battle Pass-esque system to unlock rewards)
  • Fates Booms (custom damage animations)
  • Some new dragon-themed Little Legends
  • Other Ways to Level Up Your Little Legends
  • Ranked rewards for players from previous sets
  • A new ranked season with brand new rewards

We will also have a brand new roster of 58 champions with new origins and classes. There will be a new set mechanic, and you can expect new items!

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