The event of the year, hidden challenge season 4

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Season 4 of Fortnite also offers hidden challenges, allowing you to collect bonus XP. One of them is called “The event of the year”. Like previous seasons, Epic Games has set up for the fortnite season 4 of secret challenges, which allow you to recover bonus XP, ideal for progressing in the Battle Pass. After having had to help coral friends in season 3, the dwarves are back for this fourth season. One of the hidden challenges will ask you to participate in a event.

The event of the year, hidden challenge of the dwarves

The challenge is not, in itself, very complicated, since you will only have to find the place of the event for it to be validated. To do this, you will need to head east of The Authority, to the island of the gigantic building. On site (you can use our map above), you just have to approach the dwarf present, and wait a few seconds. You will then see that the challenge is validated automatically, without any action being required on your part, except your presence.

Completing the challenge will allow you to walk away with 20 bonus XP, not inconsiderable in order to collect all the rewards of the Battle Pass. All the challenges of the latter are also to be found at this address.
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