The hidden star on the loading screen is at the lake in Fatal Fields, Challenge The Return, Week 6, Season 10

After the series of Utopia challenges, Epic Games wanted to change the formula by offering limited-time weekly challenges to replace daily challenges. All players, without exception, can thus obtain an additional level every week by finding the hidden star on the loading screen of the said series of challenges. With the kick-off of Season 10 which was given during the morning of Thursday August 1st through the 10.00 update, Epic Games' Battle Royale has undergone significant changes in the way it offers its multiple challenges to its players. Thus, in order to replace the daily challenges, series of limited-time weekly challenges are offered every week. In the same way as in previous seasons with the Road Trip, Great Cold, Expedition or Utopia challenges, players can get an extra tier once they collect the hidden star on the loading screen. However, these challenges are accessible to all players, and no longer exclusively to holders of the current season's Battle Pass as was the case for previous seasons.

But, in order to find that precious star, you must first complete three of the seven challenges of the Le Retour series, then look carefully at the loading screen, present above, in which the position of the star is concealed. As you can see in the center of the image, a low opacity battle star appears on the pontoon of a lake. If you are aware of the latest Fortnite news, you know that the cube has made its return not far from Fatal Fields, as shown by the screen decoration representing the place. It is therefore on the lake pontoon located near Fatal Fields that players will have to go in order to harvest it.

For it, just head straight to Fatal Fields. You must then head south of the locality to finally reach the lake on which a bridge rests with the star. All that remains is to grab the secret star of the week. In order not to waste time, we have indicated where to find it on the map below.

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