Use a Phone Booth as Clark Kent, Superman Challenge

"Using a phone booth as Clark Kent" is one of the special challenges for Superman. We give you all the tips to validate it quickly. This August 10 marked the kick-off of the superman challenges, which allow players to Fortnite having collected the Battle Pass to unlock the superhero's outfit. However, to get even more rewards, you have to take part in a rather complicated series of challenges, which could very quickly waste your time. One of these challenges will require you touse a phone booth as Clark Kent.

Where to use a phone booth as Clark Kent?

The phone booths are present in Fortnite for some time now, which means that some players have some facilities to discover them. However, not all of them know their locations. 

We find them almost everywhere on the island, even if the center remains devoid of them. If you want to get to a Phone Booth quickly, choose it based on the Battle Bus. We find in particular one west of Holly Hatchery, another towards the farm of the Armored Farmer (at the level of the gas station), one at Craggy cliffs or yet another at Retail Row. But so that you do not waste time in your research, we have indicated their location on our map below. The phone booths in fortnite are red in color and very easily recognizable. 

Of course, you must be equipped with the Clark Kent outfit to validate this challenge, otherwise your performance will not be taken into account.

Once the challenge has been validated, you will unlock the “Secret Identity” emote, but also the “Superman Cape” back accessory.
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