Use a vortex at the Flotilla, Aquaman Challenges

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Find our tip to quickly validate the challenge "Use a vortex at the Flotilla", in order to recover the superhero's outfit. Like Fortnite season 2, season 3 offers to recover a skin of a known and appreciated superhero: Aquaman. For this, many challenges will be validated, more or less easy. The first in the series will ask you touse a vortex at the Flotilla.

How to use a vortex at the Flotilla?

The vortex and Flotilla are two new things that have appeared with season 3. The first is a water element that allows you to propel yourself quickly through the air, like geysers could once do, while the second is a new location located towards the west, which will be the center of the festivities of this season.

Once you have located the city (you can use our map below), you will need to locate this famous vortex. Know that they are easily visible and are illustrated by a kind of whirlpool on the surface of the water. You just have to dive and go through it for the first challenge to be validated. At least two are close to the Flotilla.

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