Use superpowers to eliminate opponents, week 11 challenge

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Find all the tips for succeeding in the "Use superpowers to eliminate opponents" challenge, including of course our tips and a map with locations. Season 4 Chapter 2 of Fortnite is available since August 27, and honors the Marvel universe. To recover all the rewards of the Battle Pass, sold for 950 V-bucks, players will have to complete several challenges, in order to recover XP, allowing them to evolve in this famous Battle Pass. Week 11 of this season 4 will allow you to recover some, in particular thanks to the challenges asking you touse superpowers to eliminate opponents.

Where to find superpowers in Fortnite?

While waiting for the new season, Epic Games will not leave its players without challenges, even if the usual 10 weeks are over. Because of this, the challenges are a little easier, even if use superpowers to eliminate opponents might give you a bit of a headache.

Since this fourth season focuses on Marvel, it is possible to find superpowers in fortnite to become more powerful. These can be found by eliminating an opponent, but are initially available at Quinjet Patrol Landing Sites, which are visible via the blue smoke they give off.

Once there, you will have to shoot the small drones flying above these sites to discover their loot. Often enough, a superpower is hidden there.

You just have to equip it and find opponents to eliminate them with these Super powers. 7 eliminations are required to validate the challenge and leave with 20 XP.
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