Valheim: How to make a lox cape?

To craft a lox cloak in Valheim, you'll need to find and kill loxes and harvest their pelts. You will also need a total of six lox hides and two silver bars.

All of these materials will also need to be crafted at a level two workbench. That said, starting with silver, you can get it by using a triangle obtained from Bonemass in the mountain biome.

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You'll need to use the wishbone to locate silver deposits, but if you need more help getting silver, we've got a full guide outlining it above.

Now for lox pelts you will need to head to the plains biome and farm loxes. Each time a lox dies, it drops lox pelts, so you'll need to farm them for a total of six pelts.

Once you have all the materials, you can put everything together, provided you have upgraded a workbench to level two.

How to use a lox cape in Valheim?

When a lox cloak has been fully crafted, it can be used to provide you with a frost damage resistance modifier. In short, it protects from the cold and will allow you to survive the coldest biomes in the game. For this reason, it is highly recommended to do it as soon as possible in Valheim.

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