Visit different named locations in a single match, week 8 challenge

Find all the tips to succeed in the “Visit different named places in a single game” challenge, including of course our advice, a map and locations. Season 4 Chapter 2 of Fortnite is available since August 27, and honors the Marvel universe. To recover all the rewards of the Battle Pass, sold for 950 V-bucks, players will have to complete several challenges, in order to recover XP, allowing them to evolve in this famous Battle Pass. Week 8 of this season 4 will allow you to recover some, in particular thanks to the challenges asking you to visit different named locations in a single match.

How to visit multiple Named Locations in one game in Fortnite?

The localities are in Fortnite, the places that are named on the map. It is therefore very easy to spot them, and are also very popular with players. The challenge here asks you to visit five in a single game, which can quickly become complicated.

However, to pass the challenge quickly and without worry, we advise you to land in one of the named places, which will validate the first stage of the challenge, and to find yourself a vehicle, in order to move more quickly between the destinations. To limit the risk of failing, we advise you to focus on the western part of the island, where there are several towns, without difficulty in reaching them.

You can then visit, from north to south or from south to north, depending on where you land:
  • Fief of the Fatalis
  • Salty Springs
  • Sweaty Sands
  • Holly Hedges
  • Slurpy Swamp
You can also opt for Weeping Woods, but its forest could complicate the task, which is why we do not particularly recommend it.

Of course, it is possible to visit other places, this is only a suggestion, so that you can complete the challenges much more easily. Note that you may have to get out of the vehicle each time for the challenge to be taken into account. You will know this if you see the challenge progress showing up or not.
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