Visit Skye's Coastal Camps, Skye's Adventure Mission

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The seventh week of challenges is finally available. On the program of this one, you will be asked to visit the coastal camps of Skye. Here are our tips. Thursday is synonymous with a new mission for the players of Fortnite. Since April 2, they can take part in Skye's Adventure mission, in order to gain more experience to progress in the famous Battle Pass, which offers a multitude of cosmetics, dear to battle royale players. One of the challenges of the week will ask players to visit Skye's coastal campsites.

Where can I find Skye's coastal camps?

These are not the easiest places to find, and nothing allows us to easily identify them, except their name, meaning that they are all close to the sea. For the moment, we have some counted three, but it is possible that others are hiding on the island, in which case we will update the map below.

The three encampments discovered are not close to each other, and you will have to travel many kilometers to visit them. You can still borrow a boat to make your job easier, or a helicopter. We therefore find a camp at Steamy Stacks, another southwest of Misty Meadows and a final one to the very west.

The three locations of Skye coastal encampments are shown more precisely on the map below.

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