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The Illustrious College of Psychologists of Madrid recommends a responsible use of video games, regulating the hours that a user uses them and the type of game, especially in adolescents, who according to studies are the social group that is most affected by these disorders.

If video games are used in an abusive way, it is possible that they can cause some derived disorders. The most common, without a doubt, is the addiction to these games. This addiction is characterized by the user spending more hours than usual in front of a screen and the user has the need to be connected to Internet games to feel good about himself.

These disorders have noticeable consequences for the user, and can lead to other more serious problems such as anxiety, depression, shyness and/or aggression. Users with attention deficit disorder (ADHD) are the most vulnerable to this type of situation.

It is recommended to visit an expert who can help the user if any of the above symptoms are observed.