What Are Gear Pieces In Eastward - Where To Farm Them?

There are many resources in Eastward and some of them are not properly explained to you as you play. One of them is gear parts. This resource is extremely vital as you progress through the game.

Equipment pieces are used to upgrade your equipment, such as your bomb box or ammo box. For example, it allows you to upgrade your bomb box. You can either increase its carrying capacity or upgrade the bombs themselves. For such an important resource, you are probably wondering where to find them and if you can farm them.

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Equipment pieces can be found all over the east in chests. Unfortunately, because of this, you cannot grow them. This means you'll need to use them tactfully when upgrading your gear. Upgrading your gear can be done at stores all over the East. To do this, you need a mixture of salt and gear parts.

While you can't farm gear pieces, you can still make sure to collect as many as you can. Using the treasure radar and keeping your eyes peeled for hidden treasure chests is the best way to maximize the amount of gear you get. Equipment pieces tend to be found in harder-to-find treasure chests, so it can be easy to miss them.

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