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Monster Hunter Rise allows players to hunt down and destroy monsters that populate the open areas of the game. This gives players items, materials, and experience if completed successfully. However, not all monsters are created equal. At the top of the food chain in Monster Hunter Rise are the Elder Dragons, Herculean wyverns that dominate the lands they inhabit. One of these Elder Dragons, Kushala Daora, will make quick work of unprepared hunters, so make sure you're prepared for this tough boss by learning its weaknesses, resistances, and drop rates in advance.

All of Kushala Daora's Weaknesses

Kushala Daora's Elemental Weakness

Kushala Daora's main weakness is thunder, so be sure to pack a weapon imbued with that element if you can. If you don't have a thunder weapon, dragon and fire weapons are also effective. Water is not preferred but does more damage than any element aspect. Do not use the ice element on Kushala Daora, as the beast is immune to damage from this type of attack.

If you have a thunder weapon, focus your attacks on the front leg, wing, and tail for the most damage. Those using dragon weapons would do well to aim their attacks at Kushala Daora's wings and tail for the best impact. Fire and water weapons do the same damage throughout this ancient dragon's body, so aim where you see fit when using these tools.

Location damage Feu Water thunder Ice Dragon
Lead dix 5 15 0 dix
Neck dix 5 15 0 5
foreleg dix 5 20 0 dix
Abdomen dix 5 15 0 dix
Return dix 5 15 0 dix
Aile dix 5 20 0 15
hind leg dix 5 15 0 5
Queue dix 5 20 0 15

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Kushala Daora Location Weakness

If you're not using an elemental weapon, you want to attack certain spots where you deal extra damage. These slots on a monster are differentiated according to the type of weapon you use: cut, impact or shot.

Location damage Cutting damage Impact damage Shooting damage
Lead 60 55 35
Neck 40 35 25
foreleg 45 50 45
Abdomen 35 50 35
Return 23 25 30
Aile 23 23 20
hind leg 30 30 25
Queue 35 30 35
  • If using a cutting weapon, focus on the head and forelimbs.
  • If using a blunt weapon, focus on the head, forelimbs, and abdomen.
  • If you are using a bow/firearm, focus on shooting the front legs.

Resistances and evils of Kushala Daora

The Kushala Daora has a wide range of disease resistances. If you want to use a disease that hits hard, pick up a weapon with a Blast affinity. This disease is very impactful. Thunderblight is a viable second option, so if you have a fast weapon like the Insect Glaive or Dual Blades with those elements, you should inflict ailments fairly quickly. Do not use paralysis or exhaustion ailments, as Kushala Daora is immune to them.

Kushala Daora's Drop Rate - Sculpt, Capture, and Break

Depending on your quest, you can get different rewards for forging armor and weapons, but each has a drop rate percentage which is ultimately RNG. It's pure luck what you get.

  • There are several ways to get items
    • You can carve three times once the monster is dead.
    • You can capture the monster instead of killing it.
      • Or sculpt said monster's broken appendage.
    • Looting the drops from the monster
    • After successfully completing your quest

Most monsters have breakable parts, and Kushala Daora is no different. Be sure to aim for the head, wings, or tail repeatedly to smash pieces of the beast. If you break Kushala Daora's parts while hunting, you will earn additional rewards after completing the quest.

The tables below show the percentage and drop rates for each Kushala Daora High Rank material.

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skin rang

Target rewards Capture Rewards
Object and percentage chance Object and percentage chance
Daora Dragon Scale +32%
Grips Daora+ 21%
Carapace Daora 16%
Daora Strap 16%
Daora's Queue 12%
Save Daora 3%
Daora Dragon Scale +45%
Dragon's Treasure 40%
Cuirasse Daora 34%, 30%
Elder Dragon Blood 15%
Grips Daora +10%
Save Daora 1%
Object and percentage chance
Daora Queue 80% (Queue)
Daora Carapace 30% (Body), 17% (Tail)
Daora Dragon Scale +24% (Body)
Daora Horn +17% (Body)
Daora Claw +15% (Body)
Daora Strap 12% (Body)
Daora Gem 2% (Corps), 3% (Queue)
Scraps of broken parts
Object and percentage chance
Daora Horn+ 80% (Head)
Daora Strap 70% (Wing)
Grips Daora +30% (Aile x2)
Daora Dragon Scale +17% (Head x2)
Daora Gem 3% (Head)
white drops
Object and percentage chance
Daora Dragon Scale +45%
Dragon's Treasure 40%
Cuirasse Daora 34%, 30%
Elder Dragon Blood 15%
Grips Daora +10%
Save Daora 1%

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