What are Secrets and how do I unlock them in Hot Wheels Unleashed?

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Hot Wheels Unleashed is set to release on September 30 but is available in Early Access. Already players are exploring the game and finding hidden content. There are nine secret missions in Hot Wheels Unleashed and you might be wondering how to unlock these secrets and complete them.

The secrets available in the single player mode are displayed on the map as purple objectives. These are challenges to complete and will give you various rewards. Each requires a different unlock and completion method, but don't worry too much. They all have clues although some are more vague than others. Here are the nine secrets and how to unlock them.

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Name: Index Completion method
Unsolved mystery Amazing Drivers: with a special appearance of Motosaurus Complete the Amazing Drivers event race with the Motosaurus car.
hidden from sight End the winged monster's reign of terror. Complete the Jurassic Predator boss run.
Hidden to most Snow driver boss race. Complete the Snow Pilot boss race
Secret Defeat all four bosses to complete the final challenge. Complete the previous four boss runs.
Can you keep a secret? Ghost hunter boss race. Complete the fifth and final boss run.
Undisclosed secret Reckless Driving: With a Special Appearance by Bone Shaker Complete the reckless driving test with the Bone Shaker car.
T The Best: with a special appearance from Buns of Steel Complete The Best Race event with the Buns of Steel car.
Surprise! Unlocks after completing the Top Secret event. Complete the Quick Race.
Don't tell anyone Wake up, it's late! Today is your first day, you will miss the school bus! Win any race with the Hot Wheels High Bus.

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