What are the new colors in Among Us?

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Being killed by a new range of colors is always a nice touch, but calling out the color that killed you can be tricky if you're unaware of what color they were. With the new Among Us update, Innersloth has added more colors for players to choose from.

Here are the new colors available:

  • Bordeaux
  • Rose
  • Grey
  • bananas
  • coral
  • bronzer

It will be convenient to learn new colors as quickly as possible, so that you can blame the right person at meetings. Otherwise, your alibi will become extremely weak very quickly.

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How to use equip new colors in Among Us?

Using the new color range on your avatar is super easy to do. It's exactly the same way you've done it before.

Host or join a random game and wait to be in the waiting room. From there, head to the laptop and select one of the six new colors available. Then exit the menu. We recommend that you quickly choose the new color you want, as they will quickly be picked up by other players!

Still, with the new 15-player lobbies now in the game, there should be enough colors for everyone to be equipped.

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