What are the Titans in Breakwaters?

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In Breakwaters, players will be able to battle several giant in-game threats called titans. These titans come in several sizes and can all appear occasionally to attack your base.

Each titan also acts as a boss for the game, and players will need to prepare and counter these huge monsters if they appear.

There are three Titans we're talking about so far, and here's what we know about them.

  • The Turtle Titan: The Turtle Titan is a large monster known for being difficult to damage and possessing a deadly long-range beam attack. He also roams the ocean in Breakwaters and is able to create big waves as another attack option.
  • The Serpent Titan: Players can find the next titan called Wandering Serpent near storms in the game. Serpent Titans can also create large whirlpools that can suck up anything above the water below.
  • The Crab Titan: The Crab is very different from the other two titans in the game. Instead of preferring specific places to roam, he prefers to walk on dry land. He also prefers to attack players and their base directly with pure brute force.

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