What can you do with One Robux?

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Most of the time, people will have multiple Robux in their accounts, or none at all. It is quite rare to end up with only one Robuck (the singular form of Robux). But what if it was you? What if you know you won't have any more Robux anytime soon?

Things for a Robux

There aren't many options when you only have one Robuck, as you might imagine. Below, we've compiled a list of your options when you really want new Roblox merchandise but don't have the money.

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Free Articles

This is technically a bogus answer, but it's still worth mentioning for players who aren't in the know. You can find many free items on the Avatar Store. You can even find promo codes or events that will allow you to mark certain items without spending Robux.


There are only two clothes you can get on Roblox with a single Robuck. These are the Jeans and the Black Slacks. It's entirely possible that Roblox will add more clothing items to Roblox at this price point in the future.

There may also be clothing, accessories, or other items in random games that may cost a Robuck, but we haven't been able to confirm any of these at this time.

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