What does Pepega mean on Twitch?

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Twitch has many emotes and commands that may seem unfamiliar to new users. One emote that may confuse browsers is the Pepega emote which became popular several years ago on the streaming platform. This is what the Pepega emote is all about.

Pepega is a Better Twitch TV emote on Twitch of a deformed Pepega (shown above) that is used when the streamer or someone in chat does something silly or silly. The emote often indicates a moment when something obvious is overlooked in the stream and may poke fun at the moment.

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We've listed an image of Pepega below for reference:

According to Know Your Meme, the emote's first public appearance was in 2018, becoming an internet sensation thanks to popular streamer Forsen and his often-using chat emote twist Pepe.

Only users with the BTTV extension installed and enabled will see the emote when people type Pepega in chat. Streamers often create their own variations of this emote for their channels which can be purchased through a channel subscription or with that specific channel's BTTV emote command.

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