What is the best Supremo in Far Cry 6?

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Supremos in Far Cry 6 are gadgets that you carry around like a backpack. They are extremely useful in certain combat situations, such as when you are wiped out by enemies. Supremos are overpowered but require time to recharge once used.

You can reduce their cooldown by killing more and more enemies. Here is a ranked list of the five best Supremo in Far Cry 6.

5. Gladiator – Supreme Assessor

Juice Injector – Puts you in rage mode increasing health and movement speed. Also gives you the ability to perform quick melee attacks for a short duration.

4. Triador – Supreme Furtif

Truesight – Mark enemies while staying in cover. They are best associated with the La Varita rifle, with which you can shoot through walls.

3. Ghost – Supreme Saboteur

Venom Salvo – Emits a poisonous gas, Viviro, which can turn enemies against each other. Although not all enemies are affected, they take damage and lose control after coming into contact with the gas.

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2. Chest – Supreme Stealth

El Impulso – Delivers a powerful EMP pulse that disables security systems, alarms, vehicles and knocks enemies down. They will be your best friends if you have a stealth combat approach.

1. Terminator – Supreme Assessor

Armagedon Strike – Launch a number of explosive rockets that lock onto targets and deal damage. They are useful in extreme combat situations. This Supremo can shoot down tanks, helicopters, vehicles as well as infantry.

These are our top Far Cry 6 Supremo picks. You can also choose from the two other Supremos available in the game – Furioso and Medico. Any Supremo in the game can be acquired from Juan Cortez or his arms dealers once you unlock it.

All Supremo in Farcry 6 unlock at level 4. You can buy them for 150 Uranium each.

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