What is the difference between Rune Factory 4 and Rune Factory 4 Special

Rune Factory 4 Special brings the full Nintendo 3DS experience to modern consoles and PCs. It's not just a direct port either, the game has been improved and new features are added for veteran players who have already spent dozens of hours in the town of Selphia.

How is Rune Factory 4 Special different?

There are four big changes in Rune Factory 4 Special, but the basic story and mechanics remain the same. The additional content is simply there to add to the pre-existing lore and provide fans with a better experience.

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Here is what has been added and changed in Rune Factory 4 Special:

  • hell mode
  • Newlywed fashion
  • Slice of Married Life DLC
  • Updated audio and visuals

Hell Mode is a harder difficulty, specifically designed to challenge veteran players who enjoyed combat. To go along with this, the audio and visuals have been remastered to give the game a cleaner look and sound on current-gen hardware.

What is Newlywed Mode and the Slice of Married Life DLC?

Newlywed mode is similar to an interactive visual novel in the way it plays out. You can choose a scenario of any character you have played in the game and will play a special scenario with them. The Slice of Life or other DLC episode is a standard visual novel involving the marriage candidates.

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