What is the lifespan of Sonic Colors Ultimate?

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One of the most popular modern Sonic games, Sonic Colors, has been remastered in Sonic Colors Ultimate. This beloved Wii version is seeing new life on modern PlayStation, Xbox and Nintendo consoles, but how long does this classic Sonic game last?

According to howlongtobeat.com, Sonic Colors Ultimate has a relatively short runtime, with around six hours for the base story and newly added extras. Finalists will have a much longer run time, as finding all collectibles, reaching the highest rank in each stage, and finding every Chaos Emerald takes just under 17 hours. New trophies and achievements have been added to this remaster, which are sure to extend the playtime.

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Although the game was short, reviewers praised Sonic Colors for its unique mechanics, varied level design, and new abilities. Sonic Colors Ultimate was one of the most popular Blue Blur Wii releases, loved by fans and critics alike.

With releases like Sonic Colors Ultimate and Lost Judgment coming in 2021, SEGA's schedule is full of early releases.

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