What is the release date of The Ascent?

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If you are wondering when The Ascent will release, the release date is set for next month on July 29, 2021. Along with this, the game will also launch on Xbox Series X/S and PC.

Players can also expect Ascent to have full cross-play support, and the game will launch on Xbox Game Pass at launch.

That being said, here's a look at what to expect from The Ascent. The Ascent is a cooperative ARPG set in the distant cyberpunk future that can be played solo or with other players.

The premise behind the game is a world full of mega corporations, and players will take on the role of a mercenary for one of these corporations, and they will have to survive the collapse of their business.

The game will feature cover and destructible environments as well as plenty of RPG elements, such as a skill point system and customizable cyberware. Players will also be able to take many boosts to give themselves an edge when fighting enemies.

Looting will also play an important role in the overall gameplay of Ascent, and players will be able to gather as much as they can carry while exploring the world.

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