What's new in SpellForce 3 Reforced?

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Essentially, SpellForce 3 Reforced is a remaster of the original 2017 release. In this release, new features will be added along with reworked mechanics.

Here are the announced changes:

  • Improved campaign experience
  • RTS mechanics have improved with both expansions, and RTS faction designs have been reworked.
  • Skill trees have been reworked
  • Quests are improved
  • Co-op mode is improved
  • loot distribution is improved
  • balance has been adjusted
  • The hub has been improved
  • Visually and functionally improved user interface
  • Gamepad support

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  • A brand new skirmish map (will also be available for free in the SpellForce 3: Versus edition)
  • Journey Mode: An all-new game mode similar to SpellForce's Free Game Mode, offering over 20 hours of replayability and unique content. Co-op is also available.
  • Journey Skirmish: Compete against other players in PvP skirmishes with your journey heroes
  • Arena Mode: An all-new endless game mode where you start with an all-new character, fight waves of monsters, buy loot and spells from vendors, and compete against other players. Co-op is also available.
  • Mod support for Journey and Arena modes. Contribute to the community by creating your own Journey or Arena maps.

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