When is LIVE Studio releasing on TikTok?

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LIVE Studio is TikTok's new live streaming desktop software for Windows. It allegedly uses code from Open Broadcaster Software (OBS), which is one of the most widely used open source live streaming applications in the market. With LIVE Studio, users can stream from their mobile device or PC directly to TikTok.

There is no official release date announced for LIVE Studio yet, but the software is currently in its first phase of testing. According to streaming journalist Zach Bussey, it's "super basic" at the moment. That is to say, it has practically no functionality.

Currently, it offers game capture, video capture, mobile capture, program capture, and live chat. Unlike OBS, however, it does not contain browser sources or alerts (at least not yet). LIVE Studio also supports portrait and landscape orientation.

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LIVE Studio also comes under scrutiny from users who claim they are in violation of OBS' licensing policy. Programmers who were able to take pictures of the software code say that LIVE Studio is an illegal fork. That means it's basically OBS with another interface placed on top.

Additionally, if LIVE Studio does use code from OBS, then it is obligated to make it public under the mandates listed in the GNU General Public License.

As it appears to still be in early development, it will be some time before we hear anything final from the folks behind LIVE Studio and TikTok. For now, you're following TikTok's own Twitter page to hear updates.

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