Where to find Boom Boom in Far Cry 6?

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One of the fan-favorite companions is back in Far Cry 6. Boomer (Boom Boom in Far Cry 6) – the awesome dog returns to the franchise as an amigo.

He is one of the most difficult pets to raise. To find it, head to the Balaceras region and go to Camp Máximas. It's a guerrilla camp in this area.

You will need to look around and find a shipping note on a post. It is highlighted in purple as a quest marker. The text is titled "Shipment from Montana", which clearly refers to Montana from Far Cry 5.

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This will unlock the mission called "Boom or Bust", which is a Yaran story mission. Your objective is to find the lost weapons shipment. After reaching the mission waypoint, you will find a large bluish container. You'll find a lot of stuff inside that references the previous Far Cry game and the amigo Boom Boom, which is basically Boomer from Far Cry 5 but in Far Cry 6.

It works the same way it did in the previous episode. He will fetch you things and drop them at your feet and help you hunt down enemies.

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