Where to find every evolution stone in Pokémon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl

Evolution Stones are the heart and soul of every Pokemon game (except Pokéball). They can be used to evolve a Pokemon before they can naturally or just evolve Pokemon that really need them. Although evolution stones can be dug in the Great Underground, they are rare, especially before the Hall of Fame, so it is more efficient to search for the stone you need in the overworld.

Here's where to find every Shining Diamond and Shining Pearl Evolution Stone.

1. Forges de Fuego (Fire Stones)

You can reach Fuego Ironworks by surfing left of the bridge onto Route 205 and following the river. Enter the only building in the area. There are two fire stones in Fuego Ironworks: one in a Pokéball in the upper right corner of the factory and another behind the big machine in the middle.

2. Floaroma Meadow, North (Stone Leaf)

Although you can access Floaroma Meadow from Floaroma Town, the Leafstone is located in a separate area further north. You can reach it by surfing in the same direction as Fuego Ironworks. But instead of descending on the north coast, descend on the south. Enter through the Meadow entrance below.

3. Route 213 (Water Stone)

Fly to Pastoria City and exit east. Once you see the ocean, use Surf and enter the small gap between the rocks shown in the photo above. Follow the road until you come across a sailor and some shallow water that you can walk on. Descend from the shallow water and surf its north again. The water stone is in a Pokéball in front of a swimmer and a swimmer.

4. Sunyshore City (Thunder Stone)

Climb the overpass and head east to where the guy interested in the Pokemon nature lives. The Thunder Stone is below the stairs next to his house.

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5. Whiteout Cave, Snowpoint Underground (Dawn Stone)

Go underground from Snowpoint City and head to the rightmost room. You will find a Dawn Stone here.

6. Route 225 (Stone of Dawn)

Fly to the Battle Zone after obtaining the National Pokédex and head north to reach Route 225. The Dawn Stone can be reached with Rock Climb.

7. Team Galactic Warehouse, Veilstone City (Dusk Stone)

Following the events of Lake Acuity, the game will take you to Veilstone City, as you work to uncover Team Galactic's plans. One of the grunts will drop a keycard and you can finally access this previously locked area in the warehouse. This is where you have Fly.

8. Bogsunk Cavern, Sunyshore Underground (Twilight Stone)

From Sunyshore City, go underground and run to the largest room. There's a Twilight Stone in there.

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9. Victory Road (Twilight Stone)

After getting the National Pokédex, you can finally access this cave in Victory Road that a man used to block. The Dusk Stone is hidden behind a Force Puzzle.

10. Route 228 (Shining Stone)

Also, after getting the National Pokédex, Route 228 can be reached by flying over the resort area and traveling north. The shining stone is easily accessible with a bicycle.

11. Spacious Cavern, Underground Combat Zone (Shining Stone)

The fastest way to access this cavern is to go underground to the combat zone (accessible after the Hall of Fame). Head east, then north.

12. Iron Island (Shining Stone)

Iron Island can be reached by taking a boat from Canalave City. After completing Riley's escort quest, drop down the platform and head to the exit. It's in the only Pokéball in the last room. You can not miss it !

Sunstone and Moonstone Locations

Unfortunately, you can only find Sunstones and Moonstones by digging in the Great Underground. Sunstones are fairly common after Hall of Fame, but you might have trouble finding Moonstones. Enjoy the sparkles you buy from Digletts. Mine when the gauge on the left is at full 40/40 to increase rare finds.

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