Who is Gorou in Genshin Impact?

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Starting July 21, 2021, travelers will finally be able to explore Inazuma and the mysteries that surround the area. Thanks to miHoYo's special Genshin Impact New Version, which aired on July 9, 2021, we got to see previews of upcoming content and new characters. So who is Gorou and what role does he play in Inazuma's ongoing struggle for power?

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Gorou holds a high rank in the Sangonomiya Resistance, led by Kokomi. While Kokomi is the brains of the large-scale operation, Gorou is the muscle, using brute force in battle and inspiring his comrades.

Xiao Luohao, Head of Creative Concept and Writing Team of Genshin Impact, added:

Although he looks like a young man, he is a general of the Sangonomiya troops. He is a character who holds his own in battle and grows fiercer throughout the battle. It is very reliable in critical moments.

One of the scenes shown in the special program of the new version depicts Gorou in a standoff against Sara, who is a general of the opposing Tenryou Commission.

Gorou seems to be a Geo arc user. According to Sukuna, Gorou will probably be a 4 star character.

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