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Epic Games offers Fortnite players the opportunity to celebrate the end-of-year celebrations with the Winter Festival challenge series, our guides for which can be found in our article. Based on the same system as last year, but also on the 14 days of summer, this new mission will offer 14 challenges to Fortnite players, also allowing to recover 14 cosmetics. Moreover, for the occasion, we can see that the snow is gradually covering the battlefield. It is not impossible that the island is, one of these days, completely snow-covered.

Every new day, a new challenge will be available, which will grant a reward when validated. But also a gift, to be collected before the end of the event, scheduled for January 6th. You can find below theset of challenges, with available guides highlighted, for more information.

All Fortnite Winterfest Challenges

Day 1: Iinflict damage on opponents with the Snowball Launcher (200)

In order to help you complete this challenge, asking you to go to the Winterfest cabin, we have shown you how to access it in this guide.

Day 2: Rekindle a campfire

In order not to waste time validating this challenge, we have listed some campfire locations for you, as well as explaining how to revive them in this article.

Day 3 - Get kills with a reintroduced weapon

This third challenge is relatively straightforward, as it requires players to complete a total of 5 kills with a reintroduced weapon. During the event, each day a new weapon returns, so you'll have a choice if you don't like the current weapon. Once the challenge is completed, you will get the coating Snowfall as a reward.

Day 4 - Hide in a stealth man in multiple games

To succeed in this challenge, nothing could be simpler since you will only have to find a stealth guy, who are back this year. These can be retrieved in chests directly or on the map. To validate the challenge, all you have to do is get close, and click on the defined key to hide there. You will have to perform this operation in two different parts.

Day 5 - Warm up by the fireplace in the Winterfest chalet

How do you warm up by the fireplace? Simply by accessing the chalet where you can collect your rewards. Then you just have to click Mr Nutcracker (to the right of the image below) and click on the chimney, allowing you to validate the challenge. As you will have understood, you will not have to go to the battlefield for this fifth challenge.

Day 6 - Dancing in front of Christmas trees at different places

In order not to waste time, we have indicated in our article in which localities it is possible to find Christmas trees.

Day 7 - Search chests within 60s of landing from the Battle Bus

This challenge couldn't be simpler, on the one and only condition of knowing where to land. Thus, to succeed without incident, we advise you to go directly to a locality, the latter housing many coffers. Once the challenge has been validated, you will win the style Board 2020.

Day 8 - Using Gifts

Once again epic Games does not require you to complete a complicated task for this challenge. You just have to launch a game, and try to find, by searching chests, a gift, that you will cast to use it. These will grant you various more or less interesting objects. Sadly, there is no technique to fall on the gifts, and you may have to open countless chests before you find any.

Day 9 - Open Frozen Loot

To open from frozen booty, we advise you, first of all, to arm yourself with a powerful weapon and plenty of ammo, since these loots are endowed with 3 PV. To meet them, we advise you to go to thele au nord de Misty Meadows. At this location, various frozen loots are available, and you can then complete the challenge without difficulty.

Day 10 - Deal damage with a piece of coal 

Once again, this is a rather simple challenge, on the sole condition of finding the famous piece of coal. It will take again rely on luck, and hope, by searching a chest or using a gift, fall on these coals. Once in your possession, you just have to try to hit opponents with it. To note that these are reusable.

Day 11 - Destroy a sneaky man with a lightsaber or a pickaxe

This eleventh challenge will ask you to bringa lightsaber, but if you're a fan of sobriety, the pickaxe will suffice. Then you will have to find a stealthy guy, either through a chest, or by finding one directly on the map. We advise you to go to the mountain south of Retail Row, the latter being present at this location. Once near, you only have to destroy it to validate the daily challenge.

Day 12 - Destroy snowflake decorations

For this new challenge, we have listed you a specific place to find snowflake decorations in this article.

Day 13 - Search ice reserves

We have given you the location of some ice reserves in our special guide.

Day 14 - Visit the Workshop, the Nutcracker Chalet and Mister Polar's artisanal ice cream, Winter Festival

To save you time, we've given you the locations of all three locations in this guide.

Day 15 - Light ice fireworks at the beaches of Sweaty Sands, Craggy Cliffs or Dirty Docks.

To make your research easier, we've given you the locations of the fireworks in our guide.

Day 16 - Search Ammo Boxes at the Workshop, Glagla Inn, or Frozen Throne

To save you time, we've given you the location of these places in our guide.
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