Find Deadpool's chimichangas around HQ

With the arrival of Season 2 of Fortnite Chapter 2, a series of challenges featuring Deadpool is available. One of them will ask you to find Deadpool's milk carton. The Marvel comics superhero is honored in Fortnite through a series of challenges, which will allow you, at the end, to recover an outfit of Dead Pool. To do this, you will obviously have to complete several challenges, including one asking you to find the chimichangas.

Where can I find Deadpool's chimichangas?

First of all, you should know that the Chimichangas is a delicacy very popular with our superhero, consisting mainly of ground meat in a burrito. Like his letter to Epic Games and the milk carton, it will be necessary to find Chimichangas. Unlike the other two objects, three Chimichangas are to be found in very specific places.

We find one directly in the battle pass menu, at the foot of the table, next to the TNTina. The second is in the Upgrade Chamber, on a shelf behind Maya. Finally to get your hands on the third you have to go to Brutus. It's sitting on his desk.
Find Deadpool's chimichangas around HQ Find Deadpool's chimichangas around HQ Find Deadpool's chimichangas around HQ
The challenge will be validated once the three Chimichangas recovered.
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