Fortnite: All awakening challenges to recover Marvel outfits

Fortnite: All awakening challenges to recover Marvel outfitsFind all the challenges of awakening in order to leave with all the Marvel outfits for this season 4 of Chapter 2 of Fortnite. As you know, Epic Games has highlighted the Marvel universe for this fourth season of Chapter 2 of Fortnite. Therefore, in addition to the Wolverine outfit, which can be obtained by completing a few challenges that will become available over the next few weeks, players can obtain seven others, via the Battle Pass.

How to unlock Marvel outfits in Fortnite?

To do this, you must be in possession of the Battle Pass, as mentioned above. However, unlocking them will not be your only objective with these seven outfits, since several challenges, between three and four depending on the superhero, will have to be validated in order to leave with several cosmetics for the superhero and, in some cases, a variant.

To help you accomplish these challenges, we have provided you with several guides, so that you don't waste time, which can be found below.

All Awakening Challenges for Marvel Skins

Just click on the superhero that interests you to find the challenges and the guides that go with it.


  • Challenges available from level 15. The guide here.

Jennifer Walters/She Hulk

  • Challenges available from level 29. The guide here.


  • Challenges available from level 46. The guide here.


  • Challenges available from level 60. The guide here.

Doctor Doom

  • Challenges available from level 74. The guide here.


  • Challenges available from level 86. The guide here.

Iron Man/Tony Stark

  • Challenges available from level 100. The guide here.
To find all the challenges of season 4, go here.
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