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Find the list of all the Free Guy challenges, which are available in Fortnite from Thursday August 12 to Monday September 6. Released in our French theaters this August 11, Free guy is a game that is at the heart of video games, given that its protagonist is none other than an NPC. Therefore, Epic Games, the developers of Fortnite, obviously took the opportunity to make a special event, in their battle royale. Several small challenges are therefore to be carried out, in order to recover some rewards, including an emote. Also, Guy's outfit will arrive in the Item Shop.

The Free Guy Challenges in Fortnite

Thus, by completing these challenges, not too difficult, it will be possible to recover the Chic Type emote for free. No other skins seem to be offered to players. 
  • Getting hit by a moving vehicle (1)
    • Travel to a town to maximize your chances of being hit by a moving vehicle.
  • Place pieces on the map (3)
    • You will find all the indications to complete this challenge here.
  • Restore or revive teammates, or interact with campfires (1)
    • The title speaks for itself. Play in squad to achieve it more easily. 
  • Take melee damage (1)
    • Go to Team Rumble to save time.
  • Talk to any NPC (1)
    • You just have to speak with one of the many Fortnite NPCs.
  • Use the Free Guys emote near an opponent (1)
    • The emote will be given to you after five validated challenges. You just have to approach an opponent and use it.
You have the option to take part in these challenges until Monday, September 6, after which they will no longer be available. Note that quests must have been activated for them to appear. You will find more information here.
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