Fortnite: Find letters F,O,R,T,N,I,T,E hidden in loading screens

    Fortnite: Find letters F,O,R,T,N,I,T,E hidden in loading screensOne of the novelties of this new season is the hidden letters, which players must find every week. While some are relatively straightforward, others will require a bit more analysis to uncover. Indeed, as you must know, this new season of Fortnite has brought a plethora of novelties and changes, like swimming and fishing, but also hidden letters in loading screens.

    Each week, players must carefully scrutinize the new loading screen, and try to guess where the letter is. The goal is to collect them all to form the word "FORTNITE", granting the Sorana outfit as a reward. However, it will be necessary to have completed eight of the eleven challenges to be able to collect the letter.

    In order not to be lost and to know everything about the exact location of the letters, we summarize their position below. For more information, do not hesitate to click on the link of each letter.
    • Letter F → Go to Lazy Lake.
    • Letter O → Go to Craggy Cliffs.
    • Letter → Go to Slurpy Swamp.
    • Letter T → Go to Dirty Docks.
    • Letter N → Go to Holly Hedges.
    • Letter I → Go to Frenzy Farm.
    • Letter T → Go north of Weeping Woods.
    • Letter E → Go to the notable place Hydro 16.
    As said above, if you have managed to get your hands on all the letters, you can recover the Sorana outfit. To complete it, two accessories must be found:
    • Sorana back accessory
    • Sorana's Gathering Tool
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