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Find our trick to quickly validate the challenge "Seize the trident at the coral cove", in order to recover the outfit of the superhero Aquaman. Like Fortnite season 2, season 3 offers to recover a skin of a known and appreciated superhero: Aquaman. For this, many challenges will be validated, more or less easy. The one corresponding to week 5 of the weekly challenges will ask you to seize the trident at the coral cove.

How to grab the trident at the coral cove?

You will first have to go in search of the famous coral cove, which was the focus of other challenges in previous seasons. However, following the rising waters, the place may be more difficult to find. This is why you can use our map above to locate it more easily. Once there, or in the surroundings, you will have to go to one of the three small islands located in the surroundings, in order to recover this famous trident

You will therefore have the choice of going to one of these islands to recover one of the three tridents, but you don't need to get your hands on all three, the other two should disappear anyway once you get one. 

Once the challenge has been validated, if you have completed the other four Aquaman challenges, you will unlock the superhero outfit. You can unlock a variant by completing the challenge asking you to dive over the waterfall of the grandiose gorge, which is explained to you here.
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