Fortnite: Choppa helicopters, where to find them?

Find the different locations of Choppa helicopters in Fortnite. The Choppa helicopters arrived in Fortnite through the 12.20 update on March 17, 2020. These allow you to cover a very long distance in no time, but also to be safer, since the risks of getting to kill on board the aircraft are less, even if they are not zero.

Indeed, if the life points reach 0, it will cause your death. We therefore advise you to land and leave the vehicle as soon as your Choppa no longer has many hit points. 

In duos and squads, it will also be possible to inflict damage on opponents while being on board this helicopter, which can be a definite advantage since you can quickly flee if the fight doesn't turn out in your favor. 

Where to find Choppa helicopters in Fortnite?

Fortnite: Choppa helicopters, where to find them?
With the arrival of Season 3, the location of helicopters has changed somewhat, since the water has arrived in a massive way. Nevertheless, we still find a large number of them. At the time of this writing, we find nine of them, even if some do not seem to be available in every game. What's more, the map visible above will be updated regularly, depending on the evolution of these helicopters.

Finally, please note that the article will be updated from season to season, or between times if necessary depending on major map developments.
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