Fortnite: Intel Surf Strider Skin, how to get it for free?

Fortnite: Intel Surf Strider Skin, how to get it for free?A Fortnite x Intel skin can be picked up for free by battle royale players. We explain how to do it. Epic Games is still generous with its community. The development studio indeed offers, from time to time, a skin to its players, to thank them for their loyalty or simply to celebrate a new partnership. This time it's a partnership with Intel, the famous brand of processor, which allows some PC gamers to collect the Splash Squadron collection for free, including the Surf Strider outfit.

How to get the Surf Strider skin for free?

Unfortunately, not all players can grab this skin for free, since only a portion of PC players are eligible. To try to obtain it, you must have a Intel Core processor of the ninth or tenth generation, ranging from the i3 9100 to the i9 10900KF. 

To get your hands on this skin, here are the steps to follow:
  • Go to the game to claim your skin here.
    • Log in and create an account.
  • Once the verification email has been received (this may take several hours), follow the steps on the site, in particular to check if your processor is eligible.
  • Answer the short survey.
  • Download the requested apps.
  • Link your Intel and Fortnite accounts.
  • You can now launch Fortnite to enjoy the Outfit, Pickaxe, and Glider.
Note that this action must be completed by February 28, 2021, after which the offer is no longer available. Therefore, if you buy a ninth or tenth generation processor by then, you will be able to get this skin, but also other bonuses, including software, worth an estimated $500.

You can get a glimpse of the bundle in question in the video from dataminer Hypex below.

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