Fortnite: Recovery Vans, Map & Location

Recovery vans are well known to Fortnite players. Their location maybe less. We offer you a map to find them more easily. Introduced in 2019 in Fortnite, recovery vans have become essential for those who play as a team. These allow, as a reminder, to bring an eliminated teammate back into play, provided they have recovered their recovery card, which is only available within 90 seconds after their death. If you have it in your possession, then you can take the direction of one of the many recovery vans that we find on the battle royale map.

However, with the arrival of Chapter 3 and the new map, some players are lost and may not know where to find recovery vans. This is why we offer you a map with various locations of these machines allowing their return of a teammate.

Location of Recovery Vans (Chapter 3)

The advantage with these recovery vans is that they are all over the map. No area is left behind, which should allow you to bring back one of your fallen teammates. However, note that it takes ten seconds for the magic to work, so you need to be relatively careful. Also note that two minutes interval is mandatory between two uses. Thus, if you have two players to restore, it may be more interesting to go to another place, rather than two waiting 120 long seconds.

You can find the location of all Fortnite Chapter 3 recovery vans below. Currently we have 33 (map via

Fortnite: Recovery Vans, Map & Location
When you return to combat, you will have all of your HP (100), but will of course have lost all of your stuff, only equipped with a pistol. You will then have to loot very quickly, since some players may be attracted by the noise made by the recovery van...

Also remember that if the teammate has left the game, then it cannot be reinstated, logically.
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