Releasing blueprint into the atmosphere, XP challenge to Gogo

Find all the tips for succeeding in the "Release sludge into the atmosphere" challenge, including of course our advice and a map with locations. Season 4 Chapter 2 of Fortnite is available since August 27, and honors the Marvel universe. To recover all the rewards of the Battle Pass, sold for 950 V-bucks, players will have to complete several challenges, in order to recover XP, allowing them to evolve in this famous Battle Pass. Week 14 of this season 4 will allow you to recover some, in particular thanks to the challenges asking you to release sludge into the atmosphere.

Release sludge into the atmosphere

We still have a relatively complex title, but don't panic, the challenge remains quite easy overall. As you know, the slurp, also called the slurp, is this blue liquid that allows you to fill your shield bar. Therefore, we advise you to complete this challenge at the start of the game, whether in solo, duo, platoon or Team Rumble, in order to kill two birds with one stone.

Choose to go to Slurpy Swamp, since we find in the city a very high number of barrels of bleuvage. Whether small barrels or large containers, you will have to destroy a certain number of them, so that the sludge disperses into the atmosphere. You will have to break three of these containers for the challenge to be validated. A relatively simple thing.

In order not to waste time, we have indicated on the map below a place where you should have no trouble finding bleuvage, unless someone else has gone before you.

Releasing blueprint into the atmosphere, XP challenge to Gogo
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