Find a family portrait in a shipwreck, week 12 challenge

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Find our tips for the challenge "Find a family portrait in a shipwreck" counting for the twelfth week of season 5 of chapter 2 of Fortnite. You can take advantage of our map with multiple locations to make it happen quickly. Even if Fortnite Chapter 5 Season 2 offers a lot of new features with random quests, Epic Games does not forget the famous weekly challenges, which come out every Thursday at 15 p.m. These challenges allow players to collect XP in order to progress through the Battle Pass and unlock many cosmetics and skin variants. One of the challenges will ask you, in particular, to find a family portrait in a shipwreck.

Where to find a family portrait in a shipwreck?

To complete this challenge, you will have to head south on the Fortnite map. More specifically, you are going to have to go to the notable place called Wreck Cove, where several boats seem to have run aground. Among the debris and wreckage, we will be able to find three family portraits, although only one is enough to complete the challenge.

The first is to the west, right next to the red and green overturned boat, the second between a stone and a stranded boat, and the last is a little further, in the bathtub near the water. You will have no trouble finding these family portraits, which are fairly well visible.

In order not to waste time in your research, we have shown you on the map below the place where to look, for find a family portrait.

Once the challenge is validated, you will walk away with 20 XP.
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