Fortnite: All Birthday Challenges

Find all of Fortnite's birthday challenges below, along with our tips and rewards. Fortnite celebrates its third anniversary on September 26. Of course, this is a golden opportunity for players to collect some rewards to fill their inventory. Naturally, Epic Games has chosen not to favor those who have purchased the Battle Pass, since all players will be able to participate in the festivities, and unlock the few cosmetics, including musical tracks, tags or coatings, but also 80 XP when validating the last challenge. When all the challenges have been validated, the Cake back bling will be unlocked.

Since some challenges of this special anniversary event are not easy to achieve, we offer you, below, a summary, with our tips for achieving them as quickly as possible.

Also note that all the rewards of this event are exclusive to it, that is to say that it will not be possible to unlock them once it is over.

Fortnite Anniversary Tips and Challenges

Play games (10)

Reward: Spray And three
  • How to pass the challenge?
    • Ten games are enough to validate the challenge. It is not specified if the Team Rumble mode is available for the validation of the challenge, but in any case, it should be completed very quickly.

Dance in front of different birthday cakes (10)

Reward: Cake Coating
  • How to pass the challenge?
    • In order not to waste time, we have indicated the location of several cakes in this special guide.

Survive opponents (500)

Reward: Cupcake Emoticon
  • How to pass the challenge?
    • You will have to take a total of 500 damage points to complete the challenge.

Get HP or Shield from Birthday Cake (50)

Reward: 80
  • How to pass the challenge?
    • We explain how to do it in this guide.
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