Fortnite: All the challenges and rewards of the Fortnite Endgame event

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Shortly after the Air Royale event, the devs have just kicked off the new Fornite Endgame LTM which will allow players to collect Avengers Aerosols, Banners and the Quinjet Glider for free after completing challenges. . Teased for a few days and made official in parallel with the 8.50 update, the Fortnite Endgame event allows players to obtain new and never-before-seen rewards such as aerosols, banners and the Avengers' Quinjet Glider. For this, they will have to complete a series of challenges, which will be revealed over the days. Indeed, for the next six days, three challenges will be revealed every two days and once validated, players will receive their reward for free. However, they will have the opportunity to complete the challenges until Sunday, May 5.

鈥淭hanos and his Chitauri invade the Battle Royale Island in search of the six Infinity Stones. Now it's up to you to acquire the tools from the Avengers scattered across the map and engage in battle. 禄

Like the challenges offered every Thursday, some of them will be simple to complete while others will require a little more concentration. In order to help you validate them as quickly as possible, we offer some tips. Note thatonce you complete all 10 challenges, you'll get the Avengers Quinjet Glider as a reward.

Fortnite Endgame Challenges

Complete 10 challenges to earn the reward (10) - The Avengers Quinjet Glider

Day 1

  • Deal damage while hovering with Iron Man's Repulsors (1000) - 500 XP.
  • Obtain the Infinity Stones (3) - "Gathering" loading screen.
  • Play games of Endgame (7) - Marvel Banner.

Day 2 

  • Deal damage by throwing Thor's Stormbreaker Ax (1000) - Thor's Stormbreaker emote.
  • Deal damage while using the Chitauri Jetpack (1000) - 500 XP.
  • Get kills in different parts of Endgame (5) - Avengers logo spray.

Day 3

  • Deal damage with Captain America's Shield (1000) - Captain America's Shield Emoticon.
  • Deal damage with the Chitauri Laser Rifle (500) - 500 XP.
  • Win games of Endgame as Chitauri or Thanos (3) - Aerosol Infinity Gauntlet.

Day 4

  • Deal damage within 10s of using Hawkeye's Bow Grapple (500) - 500 XP.
  • Deal damage with Chitauri Energy Launcher (500) - 500 XP.
  • Win games of Endgame on the Hero Team (3) - Marvel Banner. 
Also, for Avengers fans, the developers will put two Marvel sets in the Item Shop. While the former includes Marvel's Black Widow Outfit (1500 V-Bucks), Widow's Bite Pickaxe (800 V-Bucks), and Widow's Pirouette Emote (200 V-Bucks), which you can track down below, the second will not be unveiled until early next week. 

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