Fortnite: Ariana Grande challenges, all quests

One of the cards to fill in this season 8 is for Ariana Grande, American musician and actress. Find all the challenges and guides to help you. The cards to fill are very numerous in this season 8 of Fortnite and Epic Games does not hesitate to deploy new ones, so that the players always have something to do and, above all, can earn XP in order to progress in their Battle Pass. One of the latest cards added is for world famous artist Ariana Grande.

All Containment Pro Quests (Ghostbuster)

Naturally, several challenges make direct mention of his profession, mentioning records, for example. Most are not too complicated, fortunately, and all players should be able to complete them fairly quickly. To access these challenges, you will first have to find the character, who is simply in Believer Beach.

Here are the five challenges you will have to complete (click on the link to access a detailed guide):
  • Collect a record and place it on a turntable
  • Study the Guardian's Footprints
  • Collect symbols from cube monsters
    • You will have to fight monsters to validate this challenge and recover what they drop.
  • Reveal Symbol of Command
  • Launch fireworks
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