Fortnite: Goodnite, find codes for Creative mode

The Goodnite site makes it easy and simple for Fortnite players to find codes for Creative Mode maps. The Fortnite community is probably one of the most powerful in the video game industry, thanks in particular to its creativity. Over the years, players have launched many projects, including Goodnite, which lists a multitude of creative mode maps, so players can find what they want in no time.

Find Fortnite Creative Cards with Goodnite

The principle is relatively simple when you go to Goodnite. The site offers you to search for a map according to a category, such as Hide and Seek, Deathrun, Prop Hunt and many other things, but you can also consult the most popular maps with the community, the best rated or even the latest that have been added.

This therefore allows you to save time by avoiding looking for the codes on the right and on the left, since clicking on a card, here, you will directly obtain the code that you must enter in game to discover the creative card, designed by the community.

Thanks to Goodnite, you will be able to find the map that suits you the most, but also to discover others, similar ones, that you would not necessarily have known without this site, which was created by the youtubeur Valouzz, one of the best known from the community.

Share your map with Goodnite

However, the possibilities with Goodnite don't stop there, since you can also highlight your creations, if you are one of those who like create maps, since it is possible to publish its content, via the yellow "Publish" button, which is located at the top right of the site. The procedure is quite simple, although there is no guarantee that your card will subsequently be displayed on the site.

Note that you can also follow the news so you don't miss the most impressive new cards via the Goodnite Twitter account.
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