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Find the location of the Green Ghoul jars in Fortnite, needed to customize the Cartoon Poiscaille skin. One of the novelties of this season 8 of Fortnite is undoubtedly the color jars, which must be found everywhere on the battle royale island. These are very useful if you want to customize the skin Poiscaille cartoon, skin that is unlockable with the Battle Pass, on the first page. You only need 9 stars to add it to your inventory.

However, if you want to customize it with original colors (it is basic white), you will have to find colored jars. Each represents a different color, and to unlock it, you must find three jars of that color. Fortunately, they are very often close to each other, which will save you a few minutes. 

Location of the Vert Goule jars in Frangeville

With regard to Ghoul Green jars, it is stated that we find them at Frangeville, notable place which is located on the western side of the island. On site, we find three jars Ghoul Green that must be collected to unlock the customization color.

Here's their exact location, and screenshots to help you locate them.
  • The first is under the house to the north.
  • The second is in the middle of the small body of water.
  • The last one is under a house to the south.

To collect these jars, you just have to pass over them, like what you had to do for XP coins or even alien relics. Once all three have been collected, the color Ghoul Green will be unlocked and you can use it.
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