Fortnite: How to get the X-Wing Star Wars glider?

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Fortnite players can try to recover the X-Wing glider, a ship present in the Star Wars saga. There is a possibility to receive it for free. Epic Games likes to partner with pop culture brands in order to implement them in its battle royale Fortnite. Thus, in addition to the Marvel universe for this season 4 of chapter 2, players will be able to find that of Star Wars thanks to a glider. After seeing Rey disembark as an outfit and the Millennium Falcon as a glider, players will be able to discover a new glider with the X-Wing.

We detail all the possibilities to recover it below.

How to get the X-Wing Star Wars glider in Fortnite?

There are two possibilities to get your hands on the glider X-Wing from Star Wars, a paid one, via the game store, and a “free” one, by pre-ordering Star Wars Squadrons before its launch, only on the Epic Games Store. Its release is, as a reminder, from October 2, on PC, PS4 and Xbox One. 

If you want to do it to make sure you get it back, or just because you want to buy it, you can do it at this address directly.

As for its presence in the store, we should find it now and occasionally until October 2, in order to properly celebrate the release of the video game which, as a reminder, will allow you to take part in ship races in space, with a single player mode, but also a multiplayer mode. The selling price of the glider X-wing in the Fortnite store should be 1 v-bucks.

Ailerons in attack position!

Get the Vanguard Squadron X-Wing glider from the store or pick up STAR WARS™: Squadrons from the Epic Games Store to receive the glider for free!

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